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2017 Photo Contest

On January 1, 2017 Trakkers will once again launch our annual photo contest. This year Trakkers members have a chance to win one of four $50 MEC gift cards. Four themes have been chosen to inspire your photography. A prize will be rewarded to the winning photo for each theme. Keep the themes in mind throughout the entire season; you may want to snap a photo in advance for a future week's theme. Interpret the themes as you wish and let your creativity soar!

To enter members may post one photo with the theme title each week to the Visitor Posts on our Facebook page.

Trakkers members and their Facebook friends will choose the winning photo for each theme by voting with a "like" on our Visitors Page. The winning photo will be chosen based on the most number of “likes” accumulated between the opening and closing dates for each theme. All Trakkers members are encouraged to "like" as many photos as they choose for each theme.

To be eligible, the photo must be taken on a Trakkers trip and posted by a Trakkers club member within the timelines specified. A Trakkers member can only win one time per season. The winning photo of the week will be announced on the Sunday Bus Trip and on the Trakkers' Facebook page.

The entry deadlines, rules and weekly prize schedule are as follows:

Week Theme Timeline for posting Prize to be Awarded
#1 Fit & Fun - Whether you ski classic, skate ski, or snowshoe, you’re out there because you love it and it’s a great physical workout. To launch our 2017 photo contest, post your favourite photo of being fit and having fun! Opens 9:00 AM
Sunday, January 1
Closes 12:00 PM (noon)
Saturday, January 14
$50 MEC gift card
#2 Satisfying Ski Snacks - When you head out for a day of skiing, you need food and liquids to keep you going. Show us what you bring to stay fuelled for the day. Opens 9:00 AM
Sunday, January 15
Closes 12:00 PM (noon)
Saturday, January 28
$50 MEC gift card
#3 Fabulous Friendships - We've all met wonderful people in the club and developed new friendships. Show us your Trakkers friends! Opens 9:00 AM
Sunday, January 29
Closes 12:00 PM (noon)
Saturday, February 11
$50 MEC gift card
#4 Trakkers' Favourite Trails - With varied destinations each week, Trakkers allows you to experience different trails each week. Share a photo of a trail you especially love. Opens 9:00 AM
Sunday, February 12
Closes 12:00 PM (noon)
Saturday, March 4
$50 MEC gift card

How to enter:

  • Photos to be taken at a Trakkers Sunday Trip or Weekend Trip during the 2016–2017 season
  • A Trakkers member may enter up to one photo per theme per week by posting it under the Visitor Posts of our Facebook page
  • Trakkers members are encouraged to submit entries throughout the season; however, a Trakkers member cannot win more than once per season.
  • Obtain permission of any identifiable members in the photo for their picture to be posted on the Trakkers website and Facebook page.
  • The contest opens every two weeks at 9 AM on Sunday morning and closes two weeks later on Saturday at 12:00 PM (noon)
  • The winning photo will be selected after contest closing. The winner will be notified by email after contest closing on Saturday by a Trakkers photo contest judge. The weekly winner will also be announced on the Sunday bus trip and Trakkers Facebook page.
  • Judging: The winning photo of the week will be awarded based on most number of "likes" by Trakkers members or their Facebook friends. In the case of a tie or other considerations (i.e. - appropriateness, composition/quality of the photograph) the judging committee will determine
  • Last year's contest was a great success – we discovered Trakkers members have great talent on the trails in more ways than one! We look forward to showcasing more member talent in 2017

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